Things you didn't know about those funny eCards shared on Facebook
You see them daily when you log on to Facebook, funny and oftentimes crude electronic cards that generally elicit a chuckle, sometimes earning a "share" to your friends. The company behind the cards is ready for Father's Day with one that reads, "Dad, I promise to one day give you grandchildren who annoy me as much as I annoyed you."
If you simply go by the explosion of the cards' popularity on Facebook, you might think the company that produces the images, Some eCards is new. However, it was founded in 2007. With greetings like "Sorry for what I said during my blackout" and "Thanks for lowering your expectations of me," the Some eCards website offers cards mixed with comedy and a dash of bitterness.
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See 6 Holiday E-Cards from Law Firms
After posting an earlier story about the trend of law firms creating holiday e-cards instead of the traditional paper cards, we received several more examples from our commenters.
We’ve created a slideshow of them, which ranges from staid and traditional to edgy (for a law firm) and offbeat.
Above the Law has just announced the finalists for their annual holiday card contest, some of which are also e-cards–or in Sedgwick’s case, a Pinterest page.
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JibJab Happy New Year 2015 with eCards
Earlier this month we explained how those of you with a Windows phone were able to use JibJab as an Elf Yourself alternative, which was seen as the perfect way to make friends and family smile. However, now that Christmas is over people have started to send people JibJab Happy New Year 2015 greetings with one of these fun eCards.
There is a total of 13 New Year videos to choose from, with one of the most popular expected to be Happy, seeing as though it is a fun song and a great way to bring in 2015. You can even cast up to 5 people in the video, so you can bring four friends in on the fun as well.
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10 Snarky Valentine's Day eCards That Will Give You a Good Laugh
Whether you're single, taken, or single and wish you were taken -- Valentine's Day is still a holiday that you just can't avoid. Basically, this day is known for a whole lot of hype for no apparent reason. Sure, it's nice to get flowers from your significant other and feel special, but if you're genuinely happy in your relationship, is it really necessary? And if you're alone, is it really worth crying over your loneliness on this one day ... considering you were alone last night as well? (Harsh, but true.)
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